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"Internal training, Aiki, and empowering Aikido" - Dan Harden in Hawaii 2015

Schedule for Dan Harden in Hawaii for 2015 :

Dan Harden regularly teaches internal martial arts workshops around the world, and has come to Honolulu and the Big Island several times a year to share his over 40 years of experience in Japanese traditional and modern martial arts since 2010. The workshops here in Hawaii are a continuing series hosted in Honolulu by the Aikido Sangenkai and Windward Aikido Club and on the Big Island in Hilo, Hawaii by Hilo Seishikan Aikido and in Kona, Hawaii by Aiki Kai O Kona.

The workshops are offered in a friendly, neutral environment, with an emphasis on learning and understanding internal power and aiki as a basis for martial movement in a global sense, while undertaking the difficult task of integrating those skills and concepts into your own martial training.

The work shops review and expand the internal martial arts principles that have their roots in ancient Japan and China, but are so often poorly understood. Dan will outline the training in such a way as to make their relevancy to martial movement immediate, clear and accessible.

The material covered; while benefiting aikido greatly will not be "specific" to just the aiki arts like Aikido and Daito ryu, but any grappling or striking art, so teachers from other disciplines are welcome.

In order to provide enough time for individual instruction each workshop is limited to 20-22 participants. Preference is given to those who have attended previous workshops, but first time attendees are also welcome.

Payment in full is required to register and reserve a place. There is no registration at the door.

Contact us for registration forms and more information.

May 30th - May 31st 2015: Bill Gleason in Hawaii

Please join us as we welcome Bill Gleason, Aikikai 7th Dan, back to Hawaii in a seminar hosted by Aiki Kai O Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

William Gleason studied Aikido from 1970 to 1980 at the main world headquarters (Hombu Dojo) in Japan and also with Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan. During that same period, Gleason Sensei studied swordsmanship (Kashima Shin Ryu) as well as Japanese language, classical music, and Eastern religion. Since 1985 Gleason Sensei has continued to practice and teach under the auspices of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan and the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.

Gleason Sensei founded Shobu Aikido, Inc. in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts, and there are presently five Shobu affiliate dojos from the Midwest to the East Coast. He is the author of "Aikido and Words of Power: The Sacred Sounds of the Kototama" and "The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido", which has been translated into four languages.

Details and registration information to be announced.